Yes, we've recovered and now we are thinking about the next event.
Watch this space for news.

In the meantime have a look at last year's event . There were eleven routes covering a large section of the Isle of Wight.

See what buses came for last year's event. There were over 70

See what beers were available

Some may say that last year we were victims of our own success. Saturday lunchtime was particularly busy with all our relief buses working flat out and we are sorry to all those that could not catch the buses that they wanted as they were full.
(Too many passengers and not enough buses! - neither of which we can do much about)
Nevertheless, judging from the comment cards plus those on Facebook and Twitter most of you had a really good weekend.

This year (2017) we are pleased to be part of Visit Isle of Wight Travel Ambassador's Green Star Scheme which encourages car-free holidays on the Isle of Wight. As they say - "Drive less, see more!"

As well as of offering advice on travelling to the Island, there are Green Star suggestions of what to do while you're here. Why not get off the bus and explore. See the "getting here" page for more details.

World Leisure have come up with a great range of IW Beer & Buses clothing CLICK HERE to view.

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