The 2018 Vehicle Supplement

All the details of the which buses will be on which routes!
STOP PRESS: Please read these changes in conjunction with your Vehicle Supplement

This handy booklet contains full details of all the vehicles taking part in this year's event and on which route you can find them

The Supplements will be available from Thursday 11th October from the following outlets:- They will also be on sale at Newport Quay during the event.

Please note the following changes to vehicles workings since our Vehicle Supplement went to press:-
461CLT Replaced on both days by KGK803: 1949 London Trasport RTL class Leyland Titan with Park Royal body
822DYE Replaced (on Suday only) by CUV317C: 1965 London Trasport RML class EAC Routemaster with Park Royal body
A301KJT Replaced on both days by H523CTR: 1990 People's Provincial ACE Cougar with Wadham Stringer body
A64THX Replaced (on Suday only) by E289HRV: until 1450 and by OSF307G from 1635
CDL899 Replaced on both days by VDL744 2008 Southern Vectis Scania Omnicity open top
CUV53C Replaced on both days by HAP985: 1953 Brighton, Hove and District Bristol KSW5G with ECW body EXCEPT Saturday Route W 1800 from Ryde and Route W 1850 fom Newport which will be confirmed on the day
F718LFG Replace all day Saturday and until 1550 on Sunday by G503SFT: 1989 Kentish Bus Leyland Olympian with Northern Counties Palatine body then from 1600 on Suday by TUD911W 1980 Safeway Services Leyland Leopard with Duple Dominant body
JYC855 Replaced on both days by EHL336: 1953 West Riding Leyland Tiger PS2 with Roe body
LKO4HXD Replaced on both days by by R371LGH: 1998 London General Volvo Olympian with Northern Counties Palatine body
LRV996 Replaced (on Suday only) by STP995: 1959 Portsmouth Corporation Leyland DC3 with Metro-Cammell body.
NDL652R Replaced as follows:
Route W 1020 from Yyde by FWC439H and KDL203W
Route C 1110 from Newport by FWC439H
Route B 1330 from Newport by BFX666T
Route C 1550 and 1750 from Hewport by RAH260W
Route X 1010 from Ryde by XOU396T
Then from 1050 to 1615 by R737XRV: 1998 Solent Blue Line and later Southern Vectis Vovo Olympian with open top Plazton Palatine body
Route W 17000 from Hewport by NDL656R

OTA290G Replaced on both days by NDP38R: 1976 Reading Transport Briston VRTLL/Northern Counties
SCD7312N Replaced on both days by HKE690L: 1973 Maidstone & District ultra-low height Bristol VR with ECW open top body

The Supplements are priced at £7 however, they are discounted to £3 if purchased either with an event programme or on presentation of a programme (one per programme).

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