Well that's it for another year.

Definitely a Weekend of two halves; Saturday thousands queing patiently in the sunshine, Sunday hundreds sheltering from the rain (although it dry up later).

It didn't start well. High winds in the Solent and a ferry breakdown left several buses stranded on the mainland. The last bus to make the crossing arrived at 5am Saturday morning!
This meant that all our "stand by" buses were drafted in to service to cover existing routes leaving none for contingency.

Although we didn't leave anyone behind (we hope), there were some unaviodable delays and we thank those effected for their good natured patience.

Nevertheless, overall it was once again a great success and we would like to thank:

Shall we do it all again next year? - YOU BET!**

Please come back to this page. Over the coming days we will publish some statistics that you may find interesting. In the meantime. Click here to see a list of the participating vehicles and click here to see what beers the pubs had to offer.

Please let us know what you thought of your experience and help us improve the event by filling in a comment card or by filling in THIS ON LINE FEED BACK FORM. We'd also love to see your photos and hear your stories (email ). We've already started receiving some kind and "interesting" comments. See your feedback.
and finally, if you couldn't make it, watch Alan Benns's video of Route N (might be "P").



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