Beer and Buses Cancelled for Another Year

Although we have had a timetable for an easing of lockdown, we are unable to start planning for Beer and Buses this year.
For it to go ahead we would have had to start the operation now and we cannot risk a significant outlay of both funds and voluntary organisers' time if we cannot be confident of being able to put the necessary infrastructure in place.

Those that remember the last event will know that it was difficult at times to find seats for all the passengers. This was with around 100 buses. Unfortunately this year we are not confident we could attract a sufficient number of buses - a recipe for disaster!

We know that many will be disappointed by this announcement but it would be foolhardy to go ahead if there is a possibility that we would not be able to cope.

We hope you understand why we have come to this decision and why we have taken it at this time.

We are confident, however, that we will be able to attract a sufficient number of buses for Beer and Buses 2022. See you there.

Tim Marshall & Ben Bartram 23rd February 2021

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