Hold Tight Please!

The Isle of Wight Classic Buses, Beer and Walks Weekend 2018 is on its way.

It will be over the weekend of 13th & 14th October

We are pleased to announce that programmes are now available.

This year we will be playing host to around 100 classic buses and coaches, with many vehicles making the trip from the mainland at the owners’ expense. Click here to see a list of the participating vehicles

We have19 different routes (click here to see the map). You will see that this year we are venturing "West of the Yar" and even going through Chillerton!.

Some 100 pubs and other licensed venues are taking part. We have a team of "Pub Liaison Officers" who have been visiting each one to discuss the event and how the venue can benefit. Most of the marshals at the ports and pubs are CAMRA volunteers, but more are needed to cope with the growing success of the event. Please would any prospective marshals please email us. We can't pay you but you will have a fun day and probably get a very fetching hi-viz waistcoat to wear.

The enthusiasm of the owners is one of the key elements in our success and we are extremely grateful for their participation.

We can't expect the landlords to know exactly which beers they will be stocking for the weekend but have a look at last year's beer list to give you an idea of what the pubs had on offer; and finally, if you couldn't make it last year, watch Alan Benns's video of Route C. to give you a taste of what you missed.



We are pleased to be part of Visit Isle of Wight Travel Ambassador's Green Star Scheme which encourages car-free holidays on the Isle of Wight. As they say - "Drive less, see more!"

As well as of offering advice on travelling to the Island, there are Green Star suggestions of what to do while you're here.
If you are thinking of having a car-free holiday on the Isle of Wight have a look "getting here" page for more details.

World Leisure have a great range of IW Beer & Buses clothing CLICK HERE to view.

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