# Isle of Wight Beer And Buses Weekend

Your Feedback 2017

A Selection of your Comments and Questions
Thank you for a super weekend, having never been to the event I was very impressed. Very good selection of vehicles, thanks to the owners for bringing them far and wide for us to enjoy. Negatives - only one, the cost of the programme and vehicle supplement was high, £12 for two booklets. Highlights - Good to see a mix of new and old vehicles, the London dart was great, but a tad too small for the routes it was allocated, I had to stand. Southdown National was brilliant and well driven as was the Merseybus Olympian coming out of Cowes with a good load up the big hill.
Scott Ellis
Favourite Pub -King Harry's bar
Hello Scott
Thank you for your email and kind comments.
We are sorry you paid £12 for your programme and supplement. You should have only paid £10. The supplements were discounted to £4 on production of a programme.
We thought that the event was really excellent this year, especially the new boarding arrangement at Newport Harbour and the lady announcing bus departures at the museum in Ryde should get a special mention - she was brilliant with her banter and efficiency. Tony Guyett
Favourite Pub - The Vine
Great weekend, with my sister who lives in Ventnor. Some pubs rather expensive, some not much idea how to keep & serve real ale, others a joy to visit - most for the first time. Best idea of the weekend was getting rover tickets so we could use the service buses if the old'uns were not available, and getting home in the evening.
Steve Bennet
Favourite Pub - Joe's Place, Niton
It has been my second year of this and yet again it exceeded my expectations. The layout for loading buses in Newport was the much better.
I make it a social weekend with friends who all enjoyed the time as well. We are all looking forward to next year.
Thank you and the drivers for an excellent weekend.
Andrew Winch
Favourite Pub - Crab and Lobster, Ventnor
Brilliant event, drivers and crews very helpful. Well done, best bus was that Merseybus Olympian - well driven and lots of thrash
Victor Towan
Favourite Pub - Kind Lud
This the second year I have done this and this year it was evident that there wasn't enough space on the buses/buses running. May I suggest that entry on the buses is by programme only - £6 for weekend's bus travel is still very good value - so as to give the people which did buy programmes the opportunity to get on a bus.
Gary Tewkesbury
Hello Gary,
Thank you for your suggestion. However, as much as we would like to restrict travelling on the buses to those who have bought a programme, it would be illegal under current Ministry of Transport legislation. Put simply, we cannot charge for travelling on the buses; this includes selling tickets or wristbands or the compulsory carrying of programmes.
We just have to rely on the goodwill of those who bought a programme - to whom we are very grateful!
Very good event but constructive criticism... The lack of a queuing system at the bus museum meant that things there were very chaotic which resulted in buses leaving almost empty as folk couldn't get to the front as there were too many other people waiting for other services. would suggest that you put in place a similar system that was in place at Newport, it worked brilliantly!!!! Overall very enjoyable.
Richard Morrison
Hi Richard - thanks for your constructive feedback.
We are going to implement some form of the queuing system as used at Newport for Ryde next year, we've already been working on a plan whilst it's fresh in our minds.
We came over from Germany to enjoy the Island and the festival. Great idea, looking forward to coming back again.
Dirk Dannenfeld
Favourite Pub: Chine Inn, Shanklin
A huge thank you to EVERYONE involved in any way with this fantastic event !
Being a lover of buses, character pubs and the Isle of Wight - I was so warmly anticipating this event for a long time beforehand. However I am still amazed by the superb organisation, hard work of all concerned and the utterly genuinely friendly and convivial feel of the whole event - so befitting of the Isle of Wight and its people.
I have a rich collection of treasured memories from this great event but probably the two which stand out as unexpected and unplanned gems are
1) being aboard A686MWX climbing out of Ventnor towards Shanklin at 1850 on Saturday in the dark and with a brilliant and merry group aboard,
2) the joyful atmosphere in The Fleming Arms, Binstead on Sunday afternoon - the lovely band playing, charming beer festival and dedicated staff.
There were so very many more too which I hope to add to next year ! So many thanks to all concerned !
Jamie Dickson
Favourite Pub: The Fleming Arms
Just wanted to say what an absolutely fabulous weekend it's been again, and to say thank you very much for all the hard work you've put into organising it.
This was the first time I had visited this event, and I was blown away by the scale and complexity of it. Having read of 70+ vehicles last year, I thought I should try coming over this year, and the weather forecast (and my advance purchase programme) was the final decider.
I was just over on Saturday, and didn't really travel that far (Bembridge, Newport, Seaview) but it was an amazing selection of vehicles and surprisingly easy to get a seat on the older stuff (WKJ787 and EGO426 being personal highlights). The organisation that goes into this event must be colossal, huge thanks to everyone involved.
The only things that would improve it for me would be to get the vehicle supplement in advance - I spent most of my Bembridge trip trying to plan the rest of my day and hence missing the scenery!
Martin Smith
In order to make the Vehicle Supplement as acurate as possible, we have to leave printing to the last minute.
Thank you for your prompt reply to my enquiry regarding taking dogs on the buses. We were welcomed on every bus we travelled on - with smiles & cheeriness!
What a brilliant, very well organised event. We spoke to many people - Islanders & holiday makers who all said the same as us. So, please pass on our thanks to all of the volunteers/helpers/drivers who took part. We shall certainly be taking part next year - looking forward to it already!!
King regards - Dawn & Paul Clive & not forgetting Jodie the dog too.
Just wanted to say what an absolutely fabulous weekend it's been again, and to say thank you very much for all the hard work you've put into organising it.
I've worked in the bus industry for 38 years and know exactly the volume and complexity of what you're doing every year, and it has been excellent again.
Quick question: is it the same weekend next year please?
Kindest regards
David Shadbolt
We have now confirmed next year's dates which are Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October 2018.
Brilliant organisers, especially at Newport Marquee - and the very loud young female (star of the weekend) organising the passengers at Ryde. And finding a replacement bus, I was on the flat tyre bus at St Helens late Sunday afternoon.
Suggestion, re-position the Newport Marquee - so we all get a good view of all of the buses, and so that we only queue under the Marquee when it is raining.
Suggestion, mix up the buses, so that single deckers and double deckers are on all routes.
Suggestion, more capacity needed on routes to/from Ventnor, and on Ryde to/from Shanklin. Seemed to be too many buses, and fairly empty, for Newport-Ryde.
Bus supplement did not have enough "non bus" info - needed to slightly more highlight the age of the buses, and whether single deck/double deck/open-top.
What are the dates for 2018?
David Erridge
Thank you for your suggestions, David. We will take them into consideration when planning next year's event.
(dates TBC - see above)
How many people used the weekend as a free bus ride around the Island and deprived real ale enthusiasts of a seat?
(name and email supplied)
See below!
Observed the day is being used as a "free pub crawl" by many with no bus interest...
(name and email supplied)
See above!
Just a quick note to say what a triumphant event the Beer and Buses weekender was.
The Isle of Wight Beer and Buses weekender brought all manner of people together for a madcap few days of vintage travel, fine real ales and good local food. It was so much fun and a fine example of a gloriously British escapade. We are definitely all aboard next year!
This is such an asset to our calendar, I really think this could be an international event! Big well done to all those involved.
Tracy Mikich
Marketing Manager, Seaview Hotel
Great weekend, look forward to next year and discovering some new pubs and old buses. Thanks to everyone who made it so enjoyable.
Favorite Pub - The Sun Inn, Hulverstone
John Gill
Excellent event and very well organised. Loved the new method of queuing on the quay at Newport, made it so much easier to get the right bus.
The Culver Haven Inn was our favourite pub, very welcoming, great service even when a bus arrived and 60 people descended on the pub the queue was dealt with quickly and with a big smile. The Sunday Roast was also excellent. One comment I would make is:- don't put on one of the oldest buses on the very first Newport to Ryde service of the day, most people on the first departure were going to Ryde to connect with other routes. It was great to ride on CAP 229, but it struggled to get up the hills and consequently arrived nearly 15 minutes late into Ryde which then made onward journeys very challenging.
Overall a fantastic event and we are already looking forward to 2018.
Thanks for all your efforts.
Favorite Pub - The Culver Haven Inn
Robert Gow
I would like to say how pleasant and cheerful all of the drivers were. It was a great experience and we will definitely be taking part next year. THANK YOU

Carla Richardson
Just a few lines to thank all concerned in making the rally truly enjoyable. We attended with our bus (GJW43N) & it was a pleasure that our 33 passengers thoroughly enjoyed. Please convey our sincere thanks to all in making the event run so smoothly.
Best Regards
Tony & Pam Reekie + GJW43N
A great event - and a lot of co-ordination with so many buses.
The timetabling was a little optimistic with buses running 30 minutes late on some routes - very dull on busy main roads
It was also a shame that there was only a bus every hour from Shanklin to Ryde (especially when the incoming bus is late). Half hourly, travelling via culver haven , would have been better.
Was there a reason why Freshwater was cut off? I know there were roadwork's.
Ventnor rugby club a real discovery - not contender for favourite pub but definitely the best beer!
Favorite Pub - Joes Bar / Culver Haven tied, Chine close second
Stephen Blann
The simple answer to your questions Stephen, is "logistics" - We simply do not have enough vintage buses that can make the climb up to Culver Haven or nimble enough to navigate the Freshwater back roads that would be necesary to get the pubs.
4th beer and buses and better every year, although more people. Having a 'fast' and 'slow' X was a little confusing, is there a spare letter? Glad to see more pubs/businesses taking it seriously, also drinkers in period costume etc.
Favorite Pub - Three Bishops
Aitch Wilkins
Another excellent weekend. The queuing system worked well, however being inside the marquee meant it was impossible to see the buses while queuing. Any chance of stopping at the Stag in Lake next year? True the pub's not a Real Ale pub, but I was staying with a friend in Lake and it would be much more convenient than having to get to and from Shanklin each day.
Favorite Pub - The Steam Railway beer tent - free bird show
Matthew Lloyd Sprack
Thank you for your suggestions Matthew. We will take them in to consideration next year
Absolutely fab weekend, enjoyed it all & wonderful to see all my favourite buses. Thanks to everyone who made it so brilliant.
Favorite Pub - Boathouse, Seaview
Paula Jones
Good morning Tim - firstly, thankyou for your prompt reply to my enquiry regarding taking dogs on the buses. We were welcomed on every bus we travelled on - with smiles & cheeriness! What a brilliant, very well organised event. We spoke to many people - Islanders & holiday makers who all said the same as us. So, please pass on our thanks to all of the volunteers/helpers/drivers who took part. We shall certainly be taking part next year - looking forward to it already!!
Kind regards - Dawn & Paul Clive & not forgetting Jodie the dog too.
Paula Jones
Comments - Fantastic event. Very well organised, proud of the Isle of Wight! A must for next year. Cheers
Favorite Pub - All good
Andy Rolf
It seemed more organised than last year and we hardly had to queue at all in Ryde bus museum (although this was Sun c.11am and last year Sat). The extra - porta - loos in Ryde were noted and appreciated, but a bit conspicuous for women I think - right where all the buses were dropping off - could they go round the corner next time? All the drivers and stewards were very friendly and helpful. Our (Kent) visitors and we all really enjoyed it, thanks very much. Great advert for the island!
Favorite Pub - The Volunteer in Ventnor's new owners coped manfully with the massive influx; also the Royal British Legion in Ventnor had a BBQ on the go which provided some much-needed sustenance to soak up the beer! ;o)
Sally Brushfield
A minor criticism (except for those waiting there) - the 14.40 Sunday route J from Newport went straight past Whitwell Church without stopping even though there were about 6 people waiting there and plenty of seats, made worse by the 14.10 being full.
Favorite Pub - Traveller's Joy
Stuart George
Apologies to those effected
Wonderfully organised - great enthusiasm on part of drivers and vehicle owners. A really creditable process of organisation - a very enjoyable day
Favorite Pub - North Bank Seaview
David Preston