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Dear B&B Organisers, Volunteers, Drivers & Pubs,
Thank you for a brilliant weekend. We've only lived on the island for a year (Cowes) and this is by far the best event we have experienced. We had friends over from the mainland for the weekend and they were amazed.
Can't wait until next year!

Carol & Martin Winter
Brilliantly well organised. A big "thanks" to all who help with it.
Stuart Robers
Favourite Pub - Castle Sandown - Great ales plus a fab dog!
...a million thanks to the brilliant volunteers who made this all possible - another absolutely great weekend....
Dave Lee
Favourite Pub - Kynges Well, Brading
Had a great weekend 1st timers but will definitely be back next year!
Andy Clayton
...great fun meeting and chatting to strangers and lovely to see NO ONE on their phones while travelling!
Mr & Mrs Pole
Favourite Pub - Castle, Sandown
Thank you for another excellent weekend. I do think a copy of the program should be compulsory for bus travel. Too many people freeloading and that is unfair on the owner/drivers.
Favourite Pub - Joes Bar, Niton
Gemma Lawrence
Thank you for you kind comments Gemma,
Unfortunately, we cannot charge for travelling on the buses and compulsory carrying of programmes would constitute a charge. Believe me, if could issue tickets, we would. Apart from the revenue, we could control numbers.
Loved it. Only managed to get on 3 buses but that was our issue. Loved the pubs where they had a beer festival on. Also loved the people in the pubs and on the buses.
Very friendly
Clive Burgess
Favourite Pub - The Village Inn in Bembridge
Brilliant weekend. This was our second year and I thought was better than last year. Queue's at Newport a lot better than last year. Some great old buses, a real trip down memory lane. Really appreciate everyone who gives their time up. Would be nice to see some pubs offering more local ales than nationals, and maybe a reduction in some of the "venues" that don't normally sell ale.
Kevin Wheeler
Favourite Pub - Village Inn, Bembridge
Another good weekend, and although I appreciate that you can't do much about vehicle breakdowns maybe communicating issues/missing busses out to those stood at the roadside might be possible? I had two waits of about an hour where (I assume) missing vehicles had broken down, had I known about that in advance or when getting to the stop then I could have made other plans
Matt Taylor
Favourite Pub - The Castle, Sandown
We are very sorry about the delays. We did attempt to place news of altertions to the timetable on our facebook page, but we realise that we need to improve in this area.
Loved it. Second year going, definitely coming next year. What date next year.
Barbara Fleetwood
Favourite Pub - The Vine St Helens
Thank you for you kind comments Barbara,
I am pleased to tell you that we can now confirm the 2020 dates will be 10th and 11th October.
Myself and my guide dog Stevie had a great weekend. Stevie liked the bendy bus to East Cowes and I the bus and steam train combination. Ryde worked better with the marquee. Just needs a p/a (unless i did not hear it everyone was very helpful getting us on and off so a pat on the back to you all
Brett Lamplough
Big thank you to all who took part. And most of that for all volunteers. If everything could be so well organised!
Estella Howarth
Favourite Pub - Crab and lobster tap, Ventnor
Another fantastic weekend with loads to see and enjoy. A huge thank you to everyone who gave up their time for this. So many people and packed buses, especially the Shanklin Ryde route, and great to see East Cowes in on the fun. Buses, trains, pubs and beer almost sounds too good to be true.
Ken Powell
Favourite Pub - Cedars in Wootton
We stumbled upon the beer and bus tour it was amazing we had such fun. Very well organised and a lovely atmosphere. Hope to do it again next year
Amy Harris
Favourite Pub - Yarbridge
I would like to give a massive thank you to everyone involved who made the weekend a tremendous success. The organisation is most impressive with slick loading and dispatch of vehicles. Although under pressure all staff were friendly and courteous. Having stewards at key stops en route also was very helpful to ensure smooth running and keeping passengers informed.
The fact that so many vehicle owners wish to attend reflects well on you. This to me is THE bus event of the year. A big thank you too to all of those owners, individuals and groups, for presenting so many well turned out vehicles. I am a member of the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group and fully understand the amount of work and money that goes into maintaining their buses.
Coming to the IoW is particularly nostalgic for me as I spent most family holidays there in the late 50s/early 60s. Many day Rovers were spent travelling on Southern Vectis Lodekkas. I always try to get a Lodekka fix and managed 2 this weekend.
This weekend was a great success. It was wet but there were many smiling faces. You can all be very proud of what you achieved. Again, very well done to all of you. Also a special thank you to your amazing female dispatcher at Ryde. I don't know what she's on, but I could do with some of it!

Kind regards Alan Sutton
First of all I wish to thank all of the museum volunteers and owner/drivers who gave up their free time to organize this fantastic event especially with the weather conditions.
I think what could alleviate overcrowding is a shuttle bus along Military Road linking two routes from the Buddle Inn to Freshwater to save people either returning to Newport in view of the St.Mary's roundabout works or going east back to Ventnor way.
Another thing about pub discounting on the first pint.10%/20% or 5p of what off of your first pint. I think the hostelries should state in the programme what they intend to charge as some like the Simeon Arms/King Lud/Vine Inn already do. How do we know some may have increased their prices for the event. It could be possible subterfuge at play unless someone from IOW CAMRA visits every pub beforehand that is partaking to ascertain what prices they are really charging outside of the weekend.
Best regards, Dave Harris
Favourite Pub - Joe's Bar, Niton
You bring up some interesting points, Dave.
We have considered the Military Road in the past and I'm sure we will in the future.
There are very strict laws governing discounts under the Sale of Goods Act, and believe it or not, members of IW CAMRA do visit all participating pubs several times before and after the event; a tough gig, but someone's got to do it!

But not everyone was happy!

There were not enough buses from Newport to the West Wight, I had to wait for over an hour for a bus at the Blacksmiths Arms and the Sun Calbourne. People did not get off the buses so no seats were available for people could not go to the next pub. I gave up and my wife came to calbourne to pick me up. I was very disappointed in the organisation.
Favourite Pub - N/A as I only managed to visit three.
We are sorry you had to wait, Colin. Unfortunately, with eight breakdowns, we had no back-up buses left.
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