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This was lifted from Facebook
The best day was had by us newbies. Thank you
And to Ken at Yarmouth for being a top laugh.
P.S. Sorry for being so loud route "T"
Till next year.
Gemma Lawrence
We as a family of 6+ children always look forward to this event, Well planned and brilliant day out...
Dave Barrett
Amazing weekend, we haven't laughed and had so much fun in ages. It was the first time we took part despite saying for the last 4 years we need to do it (we being a family of 2 adults and 2 teenage children) and what a fantastic weekend we had, so laid back and relaxed, a very well organised event and a massive thank you from us to all involved - our children thought the buses ran more on time than our public service ha ha, please please let the event continue - it really was fantastic in every way - the organisation, the buses, walks, beers and more! Thankyou.
Favorite Pub - Gallybagger Inn, Chillerton
Can anyone help with this slightly unusual request ...
Hi organisers of the Isle of Wight Buses, Beer and Walks Weekend,
Myself and my friends had a great time this weekend on the Isle of Wight Buses, Beer and Walks Weekend - see photo attached
Thank you very much for organising!
While on our tour we spotted a few other 'Beer & Busers' who were wearing pink tshirts with the slogan "I f****g love Beer and Buses" surrounding a photo of the island. My friends and I were interested in buying these tshirts. We wondered if you had any more in stock?
Kind regards,
The official Beer and Buses mechandising is handled by World Leisure. The Bus Museum also have a range of clothing. However, we are unaware of either using such colourful language - but times change!
Can anyone suggest where Richard can get these tshirts?
This was sent to IW CAMRA Secretary Alex Lawson...
Hi Alex , Just to say , we have enjoyed another great event ! You and all your members should be very proud to have organised such a popular weekend . Thank you ! We will be back next year , we have already booked our accommodation hoping it to be 12/13th October weekend ? Thank you all again
Colin Roper
We can confirm the 2019 dates are Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October.
Not even the delays with the ferries due to the weather affecting the number of buses available on Saturday and the weather on Sunday dampened the spirits. Excellent organisation, lovely buses, great days out. Special shout out to the staff of The Kings Head, who stood out a mile with their friendly hospitality (and matching Beer & Buses shirts). Nothing was too much trouble for them. . Sandra Dunn
Favourite Pub - The Kings Head, Yarmouth
Great day. Well organised. It was the first time we had participated and we will be back!
Jackie Lock

Not everyone was happy.
Tim McGough writes:
It failed spectacularly - not enough buses...It must have been frustrating especially for publicans who would have lost out on trade. Can't you sell tickets?

I think most people would disagree with you, Tim. We cannot sell tickets as the Ministry of Transport and the Traffic Commissioners only let us run the event if we do not charge for travel. Incidentally, we've not received any complaints from publicans, in fact some have reported record takings.
Twice we were unable to get on a bus from Ventnor to Shanklin as they were full. There is was only 1 every hour so ended up paying to go on a normal Southern Vectis bus. Lots of people agreed there should be 2 an hour.
Ayesha Russell
Favourite Pub - The White Horse in Whitwell
Hello Ayesha
We are sorry that you couldn't catch the bus you wanted. We will bear in mind you comments for next year.
An amazing day, thank you!
Karen Ainley
Favourite Pub - Joe's bar Niton
I know it happens every year. There were a few drunken people who stopped the real people from accessing the buses. At brightstone a group of peopel decided to kick a butternut squash across the street! Sadly the drunken groups runined the whole experience for us! As people who come every yeat we will NOT be coming next year. !
Name not supplied.
Favourite Pub - Waverly
A great weekend -bit soggy on Sunday. Loads of buses to choose from and very cheery drivers. Perhaps a PA system at Ryde would help as at Newport.
My guide dog Stevie also enjoyed the weekend and made a lot of new friends and was welcomed everywhere.
Brett Lamplough
Favorite Pub - Winter Gardens, Ventnor
Thank you for your suggestion, Brett.
Excellent event again, thanks. Even organised exceptional weather for Saturday ! Sunday morning was rubbish, though! Now Newport boarding arrangements are working well, you need now to think about Ryde. Funnelling everyone into a narrow passage behind the gazebo caused some friction. Maybe look at finding a wider space to the left?!
Colin Lewis.
Favourite Pub - Highdown Inn
Thank you Colin. We can confirm that next year there will be a larger queing area at Ryde AND a PA system!
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