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Thank you very much to all who contributed to last weekend's Isle of Wight Classic Buses, Beer & Walks event! The organisers, the vehicle owners, drivers and conductors, and the stewards!
Ian Cross
What a superb weekend! One breakdown but we were all in good spirits while waiting for the next bus despite the rain! The buses were prompt, I felt the organisation was better than previous years. Many thanks for the bus owners, Bus Museum and volunteers for all their hard work. We managed 8 pubs, such a good atmosphere, everybody was in such a good mood! Roll on 2020! Favourite Pub - Joe's Bar, Niton (I visited both days!)
Fantastic weekend. Love all the buses and so admire the timetabling of them all. Can see the attention to detail re ensuring that there are enough buses for everyone. ie the joining up of routes J&K in Niton/Buddle Inn and the express buses to Ryde. Especially enjoyed the little 1949 bus to Wootton complete with tickets and uniformed driver. Loved the 'Old Girl' too - sat upstairs despite the rain - it was great fun. We always called her the banana bus when we were children and still do. A unique event.
Sammantha Cave
Favourite Pub - The Highdown Inn - great music, good selection of beers and buzzing atmosphere
Wonderful event as usual. Looking forward to next year already!
Graham & Sue Weston
Favourite Pub - Joe's Bar
Great Weekend, 1st time but will be back next year
Andrew Clayton
Favourite Pub - The Solent
This was our 3rd year running of attending the Beer and Buses, and despite it being a'bit damp' we had a fantastic time. Our group has grown from 3 years ago of being me and my son to this year being a group of 10 family and friends, all of which said they would be back next year. Amazing organization (with route timings that some of our national bus companies would be jealous of), wonderful volunteers and buses of course, and really great beer. We always look out for unusual venues or pubs that have made a big effort, and choose routes we haven't done before. This year took in Ryde, Brading, Bembridge, Pondwell, and Yarbridge,with a great night stopover in Shanklin. Can't think why we felt a little jaded the next day. See you next year.
Brian Thomas
Favourite Pub - The Olde Village Ian - Bembridge
Another great weekend so many many thanks to all involved. It seems that the event has become a bit of a victim of its success and so many people were put off going through Newport as there are so many queues for buses. I think a great idea would be to include a route along the Military Road to Freshwater and Yarmouth. This would help all the folks who start their day from Ventnor especially.
Look forward to next year!
Richard Shannon
Travelled around the island in a group of 7, 3 ex army, 3 serving Royal Navy, plus a train driver, we all dressed as old English gentlemen to enter into the spirit. This was my stag do, couldn't have been any better, we will al be back next year, thanks to all involved for a brilliant weekend.
Pete Clabby
Favourite Pub - All of them!
Great weekend well organised again with very friendly volunteers. Special mention must be made to the lady marshall at the bus museum who was directing everyone on to buses who has an awesome sense of humour and made everyone laugh.
Mal Carter
Favourite Pub - The Old Comical, Sandown
best weekend bus rally ever wins hands down,magic drivers, staff ,girl controller ryde museum ace,big mention to every where we visited winter gardens and the volly ventnor, railway ryde ,highdown inn,culver inn, porchfield cricket club excellent hosts,jd wetherspoons ryde & newport,i hope some misbehaviour by the few has not ruined this fabulous weekend.and hopes for another rally next year.even SV Enviros breakdown, the few 8 withdrawals on soggy saturday very understandable.wish you all well thanks for the rally see you soon
Trev & Sue Ryde
Favourite Pub - ventnor rfc
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