Isle of Wight Classic Buses, Beer and Walks

General Walks

Cheq 1 The Wilderness Walkabout from The Chequers, Rookley
Cheq 2 The Ramsdown Ramble from The Chequers Inn, Rookley
Cheq 3 The Chequers Circular from The Chequers Inn, Rookley
Cheq 4 The Chillerton Challenge from The Chequers Inn, Rookley
W1 Ningwood to Yarmouth
W2 Circular from White Horse, Whitwell
W3 The Wilderness Walk from The Chequers, Rookley
> W4 A selection of walks from the Culver Haven
W5 Circular from the Sun Inn, Hulverstone
W6 Ramsdown Ramble, The Chequers Inn, Rookley
W7 Circular Walk around Cowes
W8 Newport and the River Medina
W9 Circular walk from Arreton
W10 Circular from The Crown, Shorwell
W11 Newport to Carisbrooke
W12 Ventnor and the Undercliff
W13 Ningwood and the Northern Coast
W14 Yarmouth Circular
W15 Circular from Sun Inn, Calbourne
W16 Niton to Whitwell
W17 Circular from New Inn, Shalfleet
W18 Circular via Vine Inn, St Helens
W19 Wootton circular via Woodmans Arms
W20 Bembridge Circular
W21 Whippigham to Newport
W22 Steamer Inn, Waterfront to The Chine, Shanklin
W23 Caulkheads, Sandown to Culver Haven
W24 Buddle, Niton to White Lion, Niton
W25 White Lion, Niton to Buddle, Niton
W26 Chine, Shanklin to King Harry's Bar
W27 Propeller Inn to Culver Haven
W28 Bus Museum, Railway, King Lud, Solent Inn, Ryde
W29 Gurnard to Cowes
W30 Brading and Alverstone
W31 Old Comical, Castle and Caulkheads, Sandown
W33 Bugle, Kinges Well, Wheatsheaf, Yarbridge
W1701 Chale to Niton
W1702 Blacksmiths Arms to Carisbrooke
W1703 Yarmouth to Tapnell Farm
W1704 Godshill to Wroxall
W1705 Porchfield to Shalfleet
W1706 Propellor Inn to Culver Haven
W1707 Stag Lane to the Bargeman
W1708 Ventnor Rugby Club to Wroxall
W1801 Highdown to Alum Bay
W1802 Borthwood Copse and Red Squirrels
W1803 Arreton to Shide
W1804 Chillerton to Shorwell
W1805 Shanklin to Ventnor via the Devils Chimney
W1806 Yarmouth to Alum Bay
W1808 Bembridge Hosteleries
W1809 The Piano to the Highdown
W1810 Yarmouth to Freshwater
W1811 Pondwell to Seaview
W1708 Ventnor Rugby Club to Wroxall

NEW FOR 2019

W1901 Calbourne Mill to Shalfleet
W1902 Brading Yacht Haven to Vine Inn, St.Helens
W1903 Chessell Pottery to Sun, Hulverston

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